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Laser Component
Measure up to 200,000 laser pulses per second at a mirror scan angle of up to 20 degrees either side of the vertical.
Measure the first and last reflection.
Operating heights range from 100m to 3000m above ground, resulting in a single swathe coverage ranging from 70m to 2000m.

GPS Component
Consists one ground based duel frequency GPS receivers range for 30km area and one air GPS receiver.

Navigational Component
Consists of a GPS based mission control system that supplies the necessary navigation information in a graphical interface to both the operator and the pilot.

Digital Imaging Component
Consists of Kodak DCS 420 or Hasselblad digital cameras controlled by an onboard computer.
Stores overlapping images in 24-bit color on a removable hard disk.

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AIs LiDAR Specification


     The LiteMapper is a revolutionary LiDAR system for airborne LiDAR mapping and the world`s first available commercial system to feature high-resolution waveform digitization and recording. Its offers the opportunity of a detailed view into the vertical structure of the surface to the user.

     Airborne LiDAR Terrain Mapping System for 3D topographic surveys and 3D corridor mapping using fixed-wing aircrafts or helicopters. integration with the CCNS (Computer Controlled Navigation System- 4th generation),  LiDAR data are directly Geo-referenced through the AEROcontrol/DGPS/IMU based system that continuously registers sensor position and attitude in flight litemapper laser scanner sample the surface in parallel lines with regular point spacing both in and across flight direction to provide the most accurate surface representation.

     The scan speed can be varied in a range to provide very dense point spacing within each scan. the continuously rotating scanner used for beam deflexion is resistant to temperature variations and accelerations which typically occur under airborne operating conditions LiDAR terrain mapping with the litemapper system is a highly efficient method to rapidly acquire 3D terrain and surface data with accuracy. the laser beam directly measures the 3D coordinates of up to 200.000 surface point per second. LiteMapper is a complete solution to create a DTM and a DSM Data.

Beam deflection: pyramid. polygon mirror
Number of facets: 4
Scan pattern: parallel scan lines, saw tooth
Field of view: 22.5 degrees 30.0 degrees optional with reduced range (90%)
Angular resolution: 0.001 degrees
Range accuracy: 20 mm (1 ) 20ppm flat surface, normal to the beam
Laser pulse rate: Up to 200,000 Hz PRF
Measurement rate: 100,000 Hz (45 deg.) 133,000 Hz (60 deg.)
Scan frequency: 5 Hz to 160 Hz
Maximum range: 1,800 m (PRF = 50 kHz) flat surface, =60% 1,200 m (PRF = 100kHz) 700 m (PRF =
Maximum range: 1,200 m (PRF = 50 kHz) flat surface, =20% 1,000 m (PRF = 100kHz) 700 m (PRF =
Minimum range: 30 m
Max. operating altitude: 1,000 m (PRF = 50 kHz) 800 m (PRF = 100kHz) 500 m (PRF = 200kHz)
Swath width: 83 % of op. altitude (45 degrees FOV) 115 % of op. altitude (60 degrees FOV)
Beam divergence: 0.5 mrad
Spot diameter 50 cm @ 1,000 m diameter on ground
Laser wavelength: 1,550 nm; pulse length 3.5nm
Range capture: online mode: first or last return or alternating
Wave form mode: unlimited number of returns, 1 GHz, 16 bit dynamic range
Target separation: 0.6m (wave form mode) at single pulse
Pulse resolution: 0.1 m (wave form mode) pulse width resolution
Intensity capture: 16 bit per return return amplitude
Eye saves: class 1 (eye-safe) 0 m



       DigiCAM is a medium-format airborne digital camera system, who is based on a professional calibrated high-resolution camera with color (RGB) filters and a variety of calibrated lenses with different focal lenghts. DigiCAM is a solution for digital aerial topographic surveys. DigiCAM are fully integrated in CCNS4 & AEROcontrol for direct georeferencing and automated operations.




Pixel: 39M Array size: up to 5,412 x 7,216 pixel along x across flight line
Pixel size: 0.0068 mm
Filter array: color (RGB) or colorIR (CIR) or IR only
Lenses: 55 mm (37 degree FOV) 45 mm (45 degree FOV) 35 mm (55 degree FOV) by Zeiss
Exposure control: electronic controlled leaf shutter
Light metering: center weighted average
Shutter speed: 125 800
Aspect ratio: 1:1
Exposure compensation: 2 EV in 1/3 steps
Max. Exp. rate: 1.9 sec.
Calibration: radiometry and geometry with full report
Operating altitude: 0 6,000 m
Image pixel size: down to 0.03 m
Images scales: 1:250 to 1:10,000
Position accuracy: Down to 0.03 m


AEROcontrol is fully integrated with GPS and IMU for the precise determination of position and attitude of an airborne sensor. This can be the position of the projection center and the angles omega, phi, kappa of the aerial camera system or an airborne laser scanner. The system approximately records 18MB (128Hz) or 33MB (256Hz) of data per hour giving a maximum mission time of at least 15 hours with available 512MB PC-Cards. Depending on GPS constellation and distance from GPS Base/Monitor Station, a positioning accuracy better than 0.1m RMS and attitude accuracy of 0.01 deg RMS for heading and of 0.004 deg RMS for roll and pitch is available in post-processing. This accuracy is sufficient for direct georeferencing for many tasks. For large scale photogrammetric projects where a higher accuracy is required, the use of AEROcontrol results as additional information for an aerial triangulation (Integrated Sensor Orientation) leads to large savings in GCPs and processing time.

MU sampling rate: 256Hz
IMU Accuracy : 0.004/0.004/0.01 roll/pitch/heading
IMU Accuracy : 0.005 Velocity
GPS: 12 Channel dual frequency, low noise, 2 Hz raw data
FOG-Bias :0.1 deg/h
FOG-RW :0.02deg/sqrt(H)
Resolution :0.0019 mrad
Accelerometer Bias : 0.05 mg
Resolution : 0.061 * 10 m/s
Length: 185mm
Width: 135mm
height: 133mm
Volume: 3.4 liter
Weight: 3.2kg

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