Peralatan Kami - Airborne LiDAR Topography

Sistem Kamera & LiDAR

Optech CS-10000 Aerial Digital Camera

Standalone or integrated with lidar, the Optech CS-10000 is a complete corridor and small-area mapping solution. With 10,320 pixels across by 7,760 pixels along the flight line, the CS-10000 delivers breathtaking imagery for detailed feature visualization and accurate engineering applications. Based on patented technologies and advanced camera engineering, the CS-10000 is optimized for both standalone imaging and lidar integration.

CS-10000 Advantages

1. Field-replaceable shutter dramatically reduces downtime
2. Interchangeable lenses to fit project needs
3. Kinematic mounting provides precise positioning
4. GSM and sled mounts for configuration with lidar sensors
5. Batch processing provides efficient imaging workflows
6. 80-Mpixel sensor with superior GSD capacity

Orion M300
High-performance, ultra-compact, airborne lidar sensor for low to mid-altitude engineering survey applications

The Orion M300 lidar survey system was designed for those surveyors that focus on  high-precision engineering, infrastructure, and/or asset management mapping initiatives.  Whether it is a low-altitude powerline collect or a higher-altitude department of transportation survey, the Orion M300 has the performance and productivity to deliver without compromise.  Laden with standard performance features, the M300 offers exceptional collection efficiency and productivity, while also boasting industry-leading measurement precision to provide the highest possible quality data sets.

Capable of supporting up to six passive imaging sensors, the Orion M300 offers surveyors extensive off-the-shelf configuration options, including gyro-stabilized and fixed multi-sensor mounts, all managed through a single state-of-the-art Flight Management Suite.

The Orion M300 is the perfect blend of performance, size and flexibility for those looking for a scalable lidar survey system suitable for all engineering and tight-tolerance project efforts.

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